What is a dividend and dividend yield

A dividend is a payment by the company to its shareholders. Normally, a stock pays 4 times a year a quarter dividend in order to participate investors at the company’s success. The amount of dividends in relation to the earnings of a company is called payout ratio. The figure measures the part of the earned […]

What is a Stock?

Stocks (also called stock or share) are part of the capital stock of a company. It represents the original equity paid into the company. The capital stock could be traded at well-known stock markets like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or NASDAQ. Every stock or share represents a partition ownership to the company. A stock […]

High Dividend Stocks in Indian Stock Markets By Yield

High Dividend Stocks From India By Yield – #COALINDIA #HINDUSTANZINC #INDIANOIL #HEG List of High Dividend Stocks in  Indian Stock Market By Yield. Only stocks with a market cap over 1 billion were observed. Company Price Dividend Now Dividend Expected Yield Now Yield Expected SJVN LTD INR 26.80 2.35 2 8.83% 7.52% COAL INDIA INR 246.90 […]

Are mutual funds ill-equipped in managing risk?

In an interview to the Mint, two people in the know have divulged that “The market regulator wrote to the fund house earlier this month probing whether there was a violation of model code of conduct by the fund house, when it sold the highly rated paper at a loss.” And, “In the letter, the […]

DSP Mutual Fund’s Sale of DHFL Bonds and things you need to know

Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) are fire-fighting right now. In September, the going got tough for them due to a challenging macroeconomic environment (depreciating Indian rupee, tightening of liquidity conditions, heated crude oil prices, inflationary pressure, etc.). Still, the corporate debt markets did manage to save the day, thanks to the massive support that mutual funds […]

SBI – ETF Quality Fund -Can It Enhance The Quality Of Your Mutual Funds Portfolio

SBI Mutual Fund has launched a passively managed fund, SBI–ETF Quality an open-ended scheme that will benchmark its performance against the Nifty 200 Quality 30 Index. SBI-ETF Quality Fund, as per the mandate, will allocate 95% of its assets in securities covered by the Nifty 200 Quality 30 Index. It aims to generate returns by […]

NIFTY 200 Quality 30 Index

The NIFTY 200 Quality 30 Index (launched in April 2018) includes top 30 companies from its parent NIFTY 200 index, selected based on their ‘quality’ scores. The quality score for each company is determined based on return on equity (ROE), financial leverage (Debt/Equity Ratio) and earning (EPS) growth variability analysed during the previous 5 years. […]